BIM Execution Plan Services

Every process requires a plan, and executing a BIM construction project is no different. It’s the first step Kelar Pacific takes when hired to lead the BIM Coordination process. We develop a project-oriented BIM Execution Plan (BEP) to document collaborative guidelines and expectations.

A BIM Execution Plan can be very simple or highly complicated depending on the needs and goals of the BIM project. Whatever your project needs may be, Kelar Pacific professionals can develop a BEP to clearly state your BIM team’s expectations, the coordination process, and how the team will collaborate together to accomplish project goals.

A BIM Execution Plan contains, at a minimum:

  • Team member contact information
  • How the team will collaborate (e.g., BIM 360 Coordinate / Glue)
  • Coordination meeting schedule
  • Model upload schedule
  • Software solutions to be used on the project
  • Modeling level of detail (LOD) required
  • File naming convention
  • Discipline color scheme
  • Discipline priority for resolution adjustment.

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