3D Laser Scanning delivers Accurate Existing Conditions – the first time.

Renovation projects require accurate detail of existing conditions. Kelar Pacific can 3D laser scan your project, or any part of a project, and deliver an accurate 2D or 3D model for your redesign.

Unlike manual methods, laser scanning captures details down to millimeter accuracy. In some cases, you may only require structural details whereas other cases may call for exacting details of outlets and piping. Above-ceiling contents can be captured safely to identify existing utilities such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical and more.

When you start with accurate existing conditions, you can complete projects on time without costly delays due to missed measurements and rework. The best part of your experience is navigating a 3D model as if you are on site while you take measurements from the comfort of your design desk. And, your clients will appreciate the immersive experience for fine-tuning project details.

Compare the as-built budget to the 3D laser scan experience. You will start your redesign faster and complete the project with greater confidence and customer satisfaction. 


The As-Built model is ready for retrofit design including elevations, roof and level plans.

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Use 3D Laser Scan Services for:

  • Accurate As-built Documentation
  • Structural Analysis
  • Floor Flatness – Heat map
  • Document project progress:
    • Infrastructure before closing walls
    • Post tension cables before a concrete pour
  • Site Topography
  • Building maintenance efficiency for older buildings.

How do you work with the Point Cloud produced with 3D Laser Scans?

The Kelar Pacific team stitches the individual 3D laser scans together into one file. Autodesk Recap® Pro is a popular option for viewing the point cloud and associated photo layer. Your team can navigate the scanned project easily to verify existing conditions for redesign and maintenance projects.

With Recap Pro, you can:

  • View on any Web-enabled device.
  • Obtain necessary measurements.
  • Navigate the 3D model easily.
  • Gain consensus with all parties.

See the detail you receive with Kelar Pacific 3D laser scan to model services

Whether you work in 2D or 3D, you can expect a full set of construction documents including level and roof plans as well as all elevations. You also receive Web-based access to a hi-resolution 3D image for walk-throughs and measurements between any object or element. The best part – you no longer have to revisit a site. All the measurements you need are available in the model, and more accurate than using a measuring tape.

2d construction documents


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Contact Kelar Pacific for a free presentation to discuss your upcoming project. Once the total area and level of detail required are identified along with complexities, you will receive a customized proposal.

image of Faro S350 3D laser Scanner

Kelar Pacific uses the latest 3D laser scan technology including Faro S350 and Leica BLK360 scanners to capture existing conditions for your renovation projects.