Total Station Point Layout Services

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Connect BIM Data to the Field

On a BIM project, you want the coordinated clash-free and “Signed-Off” model to carry through to field activities. When your turn comes, you want to be ready to roll and complete your field layout accurately and efficiently. Using a Robotic Total Station, Kelar Pacific references the BIM data to achieve faster point layout with higher accuracy – 300+ points a day.

Consider your costs for sending a team on site to complete field layout using manual measurements and printed construction documents. If the daily average is less than 300 points, you can improve your layout speed and reduce costs with Robotic Total Station layout. The Total Station imports model data and guides field layout specialists on where to place the points.


Use Total Station Point Layout for:

  • Site marking
  • Sleeve and core locations
  • Structural hanger points
  • Wall layout
  • MEP layout
  • Field and As-built verification
  • and more.

Experience Robotic Total Station layout services with Kelar Pacific
and achieve accurate layout of 300+ points a day.


Kelar Pacific point layout team navigating rebar to mark sleeve locations in a footing using robotic total station, prism and ipad.
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Start with our Field Layout Service
AND progress to training your team.

Kelar Pacific can help your team adopt Robotic Total Station point layout. Sometimes it is hard to let go of checking the prints.

We provide instruction on our favorite layout navigator, the TopCon LN-150. The LN-150 is user friendly with an automatic lock to the prism for real-time positioning at up to a 130m working radius. It also integrates with Autodesk design software including Revit, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Navisworks, and Autodesk Build.

Kelar Pacific training subcontractor on robotic total station field layout - two people using the BIM data via ipad and prism.

Get started with the most accurate field layout today!

Robotic Total Station layout continues to outperform manual field layout. You have everything to gain by trying our service to understand the real impact it can have on your business, namely bottom line. Less staff required and 10x the points laid out per day is the average. Depending on conditions and activities on site, you can achieve higher rates of points laid per day.

Kelar Pacific field team setting the automatic leveling on the robotic total station for point layout.

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