Examples of a 1) 3D scan to point cloud, 2) a 3D model built from point cloud and 3) the new mechanical design


  • Project Type Healthcare - Renovation
  • Services Provided 3D Laser Scanning, Scan to BIM, BIM Modeling, BIM Coordination
  • Project Profile Renovation upgraded an Angio Room within the existing hospital.
  • Kelar Pacific Role 3D laser scan the Angio Room to capture existing conditions. Create an as-built 3D Revit model for MEP, structural, and architectural features from the scanned point cloud. Existing 2D design plans were converted into 3D BIM model. Designed utilities were then spatially coordinated together with existing conditions inside the 1st floor construction area, which included coring and structural reinforcement in the below basement area. This portion of the project proved critical in the construction process, as it was impossible to initially determine the ideal locations of proposed conduit runs and structural reinforcement with typical field visits and old paper as-builts of the basement’s above-ceiling conditions. The project teams along with the infection protection teams coordinated laser scanning during a 1-hour break between meal preparations in the dietary area. Design teams and construction managers were now informed with true conditions and able to perform routing and construction coordination efforts virtually on the computer, prior to ordering materials and continuing construction. The result minimized the down time for the hospital, and more importantly, patients.