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Written by April McCall

My Favorite Top 3 Revit 2019 New Features

Every year as the new Autodesk releases roll out, Revit devotees like me wonder how it will improve our work. As we all know, Revit is used by multiple AEC disciplines, therefore only a percentage of the new features may apply to your workflows. No worries – big improvements come in all sizes. It’s like a motivational book. If you get one tasty nugget out of it, you feel it was worth the read. The new release situation is similar – hopefully with multiple useful nuggets. Remove one step, or several mouse clicks, to make my work more efficient and I’m a happy camper. What are my top favs for Revit 2019? Drum roll please.


Fav #1 – Happy Tabbed Views & Multi-monitor Support

It’s exciting to find a new feature on my wish list for a long time. Enter – the New Tabbed Views. Now we have a tab for every view – Yea! Having the clarity to identify the content before you open a view is a huge improvement over the minimized views hanging out at the bottom of a work space. The frustration of opening minimized views to find the one you need is eliminated with tabbed views – a big time saver for me. Another new view feature is Multi-monitor support. For years, the only way to see a model and other views side-by-side was to stretch Revit across two monitors. With Revit 2019 it’s as easy as dragging a separate Tabbed View to a secondary monitor and keeping the ribbon contained within my primary monitor. Whoosh – Awesome.   Autdesk Revit window showing new tabbed views


Fav #2 – “OR” in Filters

Welcome Boolean Operator number two, “OR,” to the Revit Filter functionality. We are delighted to include your talents to create more sophisticated filters with rules, rule sets and nested rule sets. It’s no wonder this addition topped the most requested feature charts. You save time and eliminate the work-arounds required with multiple “AND” filters. Now you can achieve the same control and appearance of model elements in a single filter using the “OR” operator.   Autodesk Revit highlighting the new OR filter option


Fav #3 – File Version in Open File Dialog

A personal “thank you” to Autodesk for including the file version in the File Open dialog. Has anyone else opened a project in the wrong version and then attempted to stop the upgrade in process? There you sit, hitting the Cancel button, and maybe advancing to Ctl-Atl-Delete to end the task underway. Darn near impossible and depending on the project size, can tie up your computer longer than you’d like. No more excuses with the handy version listed under the file icon on the right. It’s such a favorite of mine, I’ll be using Revit 2019 as a version checker for older projects.   Autodesk Revit displaying the version number on the file-open dialog   Like I said at the beginning, big improvements come in all sizes. All of my favs fall into the efficiency category. They may not be sexy but in my Revit work, I’ll be enjoying the reclaimed time creating more models with less frustration. What are your favorite Revit 2019 new features?

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