Start with Accurate As-builts using 3D Laser Scanning.

Embarking on a home or business renovation?

In most cases, home and business owners may not receive a permitted copy of the building plans when purchasing a property. So where do you begin? Renovation projects require accurate detail of existing conditions, also known as as-builts for creating the redesign and passing any permit requirements. With an accurate set of as-builts, your renovation experience will run smoothly with fewer surprises and delays.

How do you obtain as-builts?

Traditionally measurements are taken manually using a tape measure or laser distance measuring tool. While these measurements work well for large objects like walls, ceilings, doors, they lack detailed information. Manual documentation takes time and often produces estimated details. Armed with the field information, an architect, drafter, or contractor begins to build an as-built plan. Sounds good except all you have for recall is your memory and hand-noted measurements on a rough sketch.

example of 3d scan to BIM with a ombonation of point cloud and photograph of scanned site flowing into a 3d architecture model

The As-Built model is ready for retrofit design including elevations, roof and level plans.

Try the new technology on the block – 3D laser scanning

…where every detail is captured down to millimeter accuracy. The onsite time requirement is greatly reduced and can be accomplished most any hour of the day (e.g., when a business is closed). The 3D scans produce a point cloud along with a photographic layer. The two layers are stitched together back at the office to create a complete 3D image of the building. Now, every measurement is available in the 3D image without having to revisit the project site. And accurate as-builts can be created as a 3D model or 2D drawing.

Kelar Pacific can 3D laser scan your project, or any part of a project, and deliver an accurate 2D or 3D model for your redesign. The best part of your experience is navigating a 3D model as if you are on site while you take measurements from the comfort of your design desk.

Compare the as-built budget to the 3D laser scan experience. You will start your redesign faster and complete the project with greater confidence.

See the detail you receive with Kelar Pacific 3D laser scan to model services

Whether you work in 2D or 3D, you can expect a full set of construction documents including level and roof plans as well as all elevations. You also receive Web-based access to a hi-resolution 3D image for walk-throughs and measurements between any object or element. The best part – you no longer have to revisit a site. All the measurements you need are available in the model, and more accurate than using a measuring tape.

2d construction documents


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image of Faro S350 3D laser Scanner

Kelar Pacific uses the latest 3D laser scan technology including
Faro S350 and Leica BLK360 scanners
to capture existing conditions for your renovation projects.