mirrored image of a man holding his hand forward with a sunburst in the background
Written by Jay Zallan

Musings on Learning and Teaching Revit

Stipulations To Take Onboard:
Learning ultimately comes from within oneself.

Biologically we remember limited stimuli by filtering out most of what our senses pickup.
For instance, the things our unconscious mind feels unnecessary.

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Classical image of a projected photo on a wall.
Written by David Dengler

Drone for Architecture – Episode 2

Episode 2: Laterna Magica

I can still remember the day I returned to the office, having spent the better part of a day in the field sketching, measuring, and photographing the as-built conditions for my next architectural project.

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April McCall at the Welcome to Autodesk University banner
Written by April McCall

The Autodesk University Experience

Autodesk University (AU) 2018 was my second time attending the conference, third if you count the year I went to the ATC summit followed by a day in the Exhibit Hall. The whole experience for me is sensational.

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city view with snow topped mountains in background
Written by David Dengler

Drones for Architecture – Episode 1

Episode 1: Veritas

As an architect, you may wonder if can you leverage drone technology in your current workflow? The answer is – Yes! Let’s look at how and where it makes sense. Drones can provide meaningful data throughout the entire process – from concept through completion.

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