A model of a brightly lit building, with two long awnings above the lobby.


  • Project UCSD Outpatient Pavilion– San Diego, CA
  • Services 3D laser scanning, Scan to BIM, BIM Modeling
  • Project Profile The Outpatient Pavilion Project comprises approximately 150,000-square-foot OSHPD-3 compliant outpatient and clinical facilities to accommodate hospital-licensed services and programs in support of the Jacobs Medical Center. This facility serves as a platform to improve outpatient care delivery at UC San Diego by housing disease-specific centers consolidating all outpatient, ancillary, professional and support services needed to treat specified conditions.
  • Kelar Pacific Role Provide support for creating as-built scans and models for the UCSD Outpatient Pavilion existing site. Provide required equipment and support to client to fulfill their needs and optimize their process.