Written by Kris Lengieza

Tips and Tricks for implementing technology at your organization

As the use of technology is becoming more and more prevalent in the construction industry you may be asking yourself how you can implement such a huge change in your organization effectively. With more than 70% of change initiatives failing to take hold, how do you avoid falling into that majority? Here are some tips and tricks to help ensure that you are primed for success.

Technology – make it personal

While technology can be incredibly impactful on your organization it can also be disruptive. Keep in mind that what we are really doing is providing a new tool for your teams. Without the proper training or understanding of the process which it fits within your organization, adoption is likely to fail if it stands alone. Promote the impact of new technology. Will it decrease rework due to everyone having immediate access to the latest information? It is important to truly understand your potential users and why a tool would be a good fit for them personally.

Respect for Perspective

Understanding your team’s perspective and how they will be affected by this new tool is critical. With a better understanding you can address the driving factors that will define success for all individuals involved. For example, while a CEO or executive may be looking for consistency and ROI reporting, the field staff may be looking for easy-to-use tools that reduce their workload. It is key to balance the various requirements through segmented onboard training.

Technology is only as effective as the process it lives within

Implementing a new tool doesn’t mean you will reap the benefits of the tool immediately. A new tool needs to be supported by a good process. Solid processes are the foundation on which long term success of adoption is built. Acknowledge this may require changes to your current process and prepare for a transition period. Overall the process and the technology need to support each other and solve a pain point for your users.

Top tips for implementing technology at your company

When you have committed to a new solution for your company, I recommend you keep these things in mind to assist in a smooth implementation:

  • Identify the problem you are trying to solve in detail: Are you treating a symptom, or are you solving the root cause of the problem?
  • Understand who the technology is going to affect: Knowing and communicating with all the parties that will be affected is key. Decisions are often made without a complete understanding of who will be affected.
  • Have realistic expectations of the results: Understand there may be a dip in productivity before it gets better and don’t give up too soon.
  • Make sure you have support from top and bottom: Solutions that are driven from the top down or the bottom up alone can often flounder. Find champions at both ends of the spectrum to lead the change.
  • Measurement is key: Define key metrics you will measure to track the effectiveness of the change. Track them and report back regularly.
  • Don’t create more work: If your technology is going to add more work or a new task to a user, consider if the benefit is worth it.
  • Keep it simple: Over complicating technology roll outs or taking on too much at one time can be the death of a bigger effort. Create a phased deployment plan.

When all is said and done, we all know change is hard. Whether implementing new tools for your company, or improving your time sheet process, change can be an uncomfortable experience for many. The key to successful technology implementations is taking an approach that addresses not only the tool, but also the people and the process as well.

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