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Integrated Design Environment and VDC Solution for AEC

Fuzor is a suite of solutions where you can tackle common AEC issues in a user-friendly environment. Even better, you can start wherever you may be in the project lifecycle process. Whether you are beginning the initial design phase, in the middle of the validation and analysis phase, or heading into the construction phase, Fuzor has a solution for you.

Fuzor offers five versions including a VR immersive environment with scheduling, analysis, and much more:

  • Design Synergy
  • BIM Solution
  • Ultimate
  • Construction
  • Fuzor Lite

Contact us to find out which version best fits your needs.

  • AEC Workflow Solution

    Explore and modify your design in 2D and 3D space. Combine your system models and site data together for seamless site coordination, visual inspection and validation. Then bring your team together inside your model and communicate design issues in real time.

  • VDC

    Simplify and enhance traditional VDC practices using Fuzor. Generate walk-able site models and 4D simulations quickly and easily from your live project files. Convey your build process and simulate site logistics clearly and accurately without tearing apart your schedule to do it.

  • Turn Key VR

    Enter your design in VR with no additional set up required. It’s as simple as plugging in your device and clicking “Virtual Reality.”

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