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Verity construction verification by ClearEdge3D

Find Construction Mistakes Before They Become Expensive Problems

It’s estimated that 5% to 12% of a construction project budget is consumed by mistakes and rework. New software called Verity™ (from the makers of EdgeWise™) reduces the financial impact dramatically, resulting in reduced risk, more profitable construction projects, more accurate as-builts, and fewer schedule delays.

Verity compares point clouds against design & fabrication models, allowing you to verify 100% of your work in the time it currently takes you to spot check 5%. The software helps you find construction mistakes before they become expensive problems.

Understand what work has been installedUnderstand what's been built compared to the design.

Verity provides unprecedented insight into and control over your construction project. The process analyzes and compares what has actually been built against the design/fab model to determine which elements have been installed to date and flagging any out-of-tolerance or inaccurately constructed work.

With Verity, you can: 

  • Reduce costly rework from as-built variances
  • Clash detect the as-built in Navisworks using the Verity data
  • Communicate findings to all stakeholders
  • Deliver accurate as-built models and drawings

Many owner/operators are requiring a final, accurate as-built BIM at commissioning. Verity gives subs and GCs several important features to deliver a final, accurate as-built with minimal additional effort. Point Cloud data from any out-of-tolerance element can be exported to the proper design platform allowing the design/fab model to be updated natively by the sub-contractor.

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ClearEdge 3d Edgewise icon   EdgeWise

Automated Feature Extraction for Structure, MEP, Building and Pipe Modeling

EdgeWise BIM Suite™ combines EdgeWise MEP, EdgeWise Structure and EdgeWise Building for a powerful automated BIM solution. You can go from field-to-finished BIM faster than any other software using the speed and accuracy of structure extraction, cylinder extraction, and planar extraction on a single platform. How does it work? EdgeWise uses groundbreaking algorithms that can identify and extract a variety of features automatically from point clouds and export them as Revit family objects. You’ll save countless hours over creating as-built BIMs natively in Revit. Now you can spend more time on the finishing details.

Cut Modeling Time by Up to 70%

EdgeWise BIM Suite

That’s right. Users report up to a 70% savings over traditional modeling workflows.

With the savings in labor time, it’s easy to justify the cost of the software. –C.J. Sondgerath, BIM Specialist, LP Ciminelli, Inc.

Full Revit Integration

The EdgeWise BIM Suite is fully integrated with Revit so structure, walls, windows, pipes, conduit, and round ducting are extracted automatically in the EdgeWise export to Revit as the proper Revit Family.

Structure Modeling Tools

Modeling steel from scan data can be a pain and is often inaccurate. The new structural modeling tools in EdgeWise 5.1 apply advanced extraction algorithms and automated modeling technologies to extract steel, concrete and wood structure accurately and faster than ever before.

Building Modeling Tools

This latest release of EdgeWise gives you a major competitive advantage in your as-built BIM modeling workflow by creating a Revit deliverable up to 10-times faster than other modeling tools. EdgeWise users usually see a 100% return on investment in just one or two projects.

Duct Modeling Tools

The quality assurance tools in EdgeWise show the precise fit of extracted cylinders to the point cloud, giving you total confidence and control over the accuracy of your model. With EdgeWise, you can stand confident that your final deliverable meets or exceeds specified project accuracy.

Pipe Modeling Tools

The EdgeWise Plant Suite™ combines EdgeWise Plant and EdgeWise Structure along with the PDMS and PCF plug-ins to create a powerful, highly-accurate plant modeling platform. You will be able to create accurate as-built plant facility models much faster than current workflows. 

Save Modeling Hours with Automated Extraction

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