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ClashMEP and Virtual Design Analytics


Why wait for coordination meetings to learn about clashes? Imagine seeing clashes as you design. Now you can.

ClashMEP allows you to view immediate clash detection while working in your Revit model. It’s real-time coordination with less steps than traditional coordination.

clashmep in revit

Real-time & Interactive Clash Detection for Autodesk Revit

clashmep in revit

Benefits of ClashMEP

ClashMEP is a full-featured clash detection solution in one single platform. It provides on-screen reporting in real-time, and updates your clashes in all open Revit views including Plan, Section or 3D.

Watch your productivity increase as you spend less time producing clash data in other systems. ClashMEP does it all within Revit, providing a coordination tool that optimizes your time.

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Data Analysis Benefits

By aggregating the project clash data from Revit into their cloud infrastructure with your purchase of ClashMEP, Building SP provides you a real-time database of current clash data. When this data is pushed into an business intelligence system such as Power BI, you can add metrics, analytics and accountability to your clash detection process.

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