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Written by Kelar Pacific

Bluebeam Tips for Working Away from the Office

Many of our work days have changed to minimize the COVID-19 spread. We want to share useful tips on working with Bluebeam Revu and Studio remotely.


How Bluebeam is Helping

Direct from Jon Elliott, Bluebeam CEO, “We understand that some of the biggest immediate challenges for our customers include lack of access to Revu and the inability to connect with project partners.”

“In an effort to help our customers overcome these challenges, we’re offering 90-day* access to Revu for any existing user free of charge so that Revu can remain a critical workflow tool regardless of current work realities.”

The following information will guide you through setting up your Bluebeam access away from the office.


Download & Install Revu on a new computer

Download and install the same version you are using in the office.

  • Revu 2019 uses a single installer across all editions. Download
  • For Revu 2018 and earlier versions, be sure to Download and install the edition (e.g., Standard, CAD, eXtreme) specific to your Serial Number and Product Key. For example, if your license is assigned to Revu 2018 Standard, you won’t able to use the same licensing information for Revu 2018 eXtreme. You can find your Serial Number and Product Key on the license certificate sent to you by
    • On the “Downloads & Updates” page, scroll down to the “Older Versions” section.
    • Click on the tab that matches your Revu edition – Revu eXtreme, Revu CAD, Revu Standard, Revu for Mac.
    • Next, select the Revu version download button that matches your Revu version.

If you don’t have access to the licensing information specific to your copy of Revu, download a free trial. You’ll have full access to all features in Revu for 30 days. You’ll still be able to import all of your toolsets and profiles to continue working as normal during this trial period.

*When your 30-day trial reaches expiration, complete the extension request form – scroll down to the “Need more time?” section.


Register Revu on a new computer

Your license can be moved from one computer to another by unregistering the Serial Number and Product Key. Next, you will register the Serial Number and Product Key on the new computer.

You will find your license serial number and version under Revu > About (2019 & 2018), or Help > About (2017 & earlier).

You can register / unregister the Serial Number and Product Key under Revu > Register/ Unregister (2019 & 2018), or Help > Register / Unregister (2017 & earlier).


Move your Tool Sets and Profiles

After installing the trial version on a home computer, you may miss your customized tool sets and profiles available on your office computer. You can move the files by backing up your settings and restoring them onto your new computer.

NOTE: Stamps are not included in your Revu settings files. See backing up and restoring your stamps.


Collaborate using Studio Project and Sessions

Work on your projects outside the office, even when you are offline. You can access Studio Projects in the cloud from any computer with Revu installed. You can also collaborate with your project teams in real time with Studio Sessions.

Maintenance subscribers can also utilize Drawings to view project drawings on any device, anywhere.

    Still have experiencing access issues?
    Complete the 
    technical support request form and include a description of your experience. We are happy to help.