Bluebeam Revu with 2D pdf showing floor layout with markups and the markup properties panel
Written by Nancy Matus

Bluebeam® Revu® – Measurement Tool webinar

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Explore Revu® Measurement Tools

Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021
10:00-10:45am PDT

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Join April to explore the variety of measurement tools available in Revu. Once you calibrate a page, you can measure and count with confidence. Each measurement offers additional properties including depth, rise/drop, slope, and more. You can also set independent units of measure for area and volume on the same drawing.

Revu Measurements include:

  • Length
  • Polylength
  • Area
  • Perimeter  /  Diameter
  • Center Radius  /  3-Point Radius
  • Angle
  • Volume
  • Cutouts – Polygon and Ellipse
  • Count
  • Dynamic Fill

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