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BIM Track centralizes all BIM coordination communications, whether you are working directly in Revit, Navisworks, an openBIM-compatible software, or a simple Web browser. BIM Track democratizes the coordination process and makes it easy to collaborate internally and externally.

Why use BIM Track?

  • Remove information silos – No more hunting through emails, or waiting for your next coordination meeting to move forward.
  • Create accountability for each issue – Assign responsibility to an individual with a due date.
  • Get maximum issue context – View the issue in its model online, or in your favorite authoring / clash detection software.
  • Locate your issues in your models instantly.
  • Sync models instantly – Issues are up-to-date no matter where your model is accessed.
  • Track project performance with comprehensive metrics.
  • Produce coordination reports based on your parameters quickly.

How does BIM Track work?

  1. Raise issues directly in Revit, Tekla Structures, or other authoring software programs supporting OpenBIM. Issues can be comments, questions, missing elements, and more.
  2. Convert Navisworks clashes to BIM Track issues directly in Navisworks.
  3. Each issue created prompts you to assign a person its resolution including a due date, priority, status, team to be notified (e.g., CC:) and more. The issue attributes apply accountability and measurability to ensure a project remains on track.
  4. Issues can be resolved in the authoring software, with the BIM Track add-in taking you directly to the issue.
  5. Any communication required to resolve an issue is tracked automatically, creating a verifiable information trail.
  6. Project managers, general contractors, owners and others who want to check a project’s performance with the BIM Track Web viewer – no additional software required. Using BIM Track’s comprehensive metrics, it’s easy to analyze whether a project is on track, or not. If necessary, you can drill down by status, person assigned to, due dates, etc. and view the issues, with their model context, as well as all correspondence relating to an issue.
  7. Transform coordination meetings using an agenda based on custom-filtered BIM Track issues and easy-to-create reports. Take notes directly in BIM Track for immediate action.
BIM Track example showing how it checks the duct alignment in webs.
BIM Track dashboard showing details on open and closed project issues

Empower your team to solve issues faster.

BIM Track results showing Navisworks, Revit and 3D Web viewer synced on the same issue.

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