screen shot of Autodesk sign in page - single or multi-user
Written by Kelar Pacific

Autodesk Tips for Working Away from the Office

Many of our work days have changed over the past week and we want to help you make the switch to using your Autodesk software in your home, or remote location.

Below are some simple steps to get you up and running remotely with your Autodesk products.

Still have experiencing access issues? Complete the technical support request form and include a description of your experience. We are happy to help.


Single User Subscription License:

You can sign in to your Autodesk account where you can download and install the software assigned to you on up to three of your devices. For example, you can use your Autodesk product on your work computer and on your personal computer at home.

If you have a single-user subscription or a single-user maintenance plan, simply use your serial number or account information to activate software on your home computer. Please note: only one instance of the software can be active at any given time, either on your work computer or your home computer.

1. Access your Autodesk Account to download and install the software on your home computer.

2. The Autodesk Desktop App is installed with the software.

3. Launch the software and Sign-in using your login credentials.

screen shot of Autodesk sign-in options

4. Perform any updates that address “Autodesk License Service Hot Fix.”

5. Launch the your Autodesk product. Note: The screen may differ depending on product version and other factors.

6. When prompted for license information use the Sign In option. You should be logged in and ready to use the software. If you do not have the Sign In option, continue to Step 7 and 8 for other Let’s Get Started pages that may appear.

screen shot of Autodesk sign in page

7. Option 2: Your Let’s Get Started may have the two options below. Choose Single User to sign in.

screen shot of Autodesk sign in page - single or multi-user


8. Option 3: Your Let’s Get Started screen may have the two options below. Choose the Enter Serial Number option to continue. Learn more.

screen shot of Autodesk sign in page - enter-serial-number

9. On the Product License Activation screen, click Activate.

10. Enter the serial number and product key, which you’ll find displayed in your Autodesk Account on the Manage tab, next to the name of the product and click Next.


Multi User Subscription License:

Learn how to take a network product license off the network for a specified time period. This option is not available in all Autodesk products.

If you have a multi-user subscription or network maintenance plan, your users can borrow a license from your network license server to use at home, or you can request a license for home use for your users.

Note: A borrowed license is tied to the MAC address of the network adapter that was in use when the license was initially borrowed. If your laptop is connected to a docking station, and you will not be using that docking station after borrowing the license, undock the laptop first and then reconnect to the network to borrow the license.

1. Launch the Borrow a License window in one of the following ways:

  • Click Tools menu > License Borrowing > Borrow License.
  • Click Help > About > Product Information or Product License Information.
  • Enter the BORROW LICENSE command.

2. In the Borrow a License window, on the calendar, click the date when you want to return the license. This date must be within the valid date range set by your network administrator. The valid date range is displayed in this window.

screen shot of multi-user license screen


3. Click Borrow License.

4. In the License Borrowed message, click Close. The license is borrowed, and you can now use your Autodesk product with your computer disconnected from the network.

screen shot of license borrow successful.

Note: In some products, you can verify that your license is borrowed by placing your cursor over the Borrowing icon in the status tray, which is in the lower-right corner of your Autodesk product.
A borrowed license is configured for use by a specific user on a specific computer and network card. When using a borrowed license, ensure that you do not change your login user name, and that your network card remains active. Some laptop computers disable the network card in power save mode, so you may need to change this setting to retain access to the Autodesk product.


Checking the License Expiration Date

Access to this command varies by product, and includes one or more of the following options:

  • In the status tray, right-click the License Borrowing icon.

screen shot to check expiration date

  • Click Help menu > About > Product Information or Product License Information. In the Product License Information dialog box, see the License Expiration Date.

screen shot of license expiration-2



Troubleshooting Access Issues

After following the remote access steps, it’s possible to experience other issues. The following have been found and resolved easily.

  • My Autodesk Account login is not working
    • The first thing to verify is the email address used to create your Autodesk User Account. Take a close look as misspellings are the usual suspect.
  • Remote Access not working for Multi-user Subscriptions
    • The license borrow date has passed and you may need to return to the office to borrow the license for another period of time.
    • Borrowing a license is limited by the subscription expiration date.