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Written by Nancy Matus

Intl. Mass Timber Conference

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Kelar Pacific
is pleased to support the 2021 International Mass Timber Conference taking place virtually this year. Experts from around the world will gather to explore the supply chain for cross-laminated timber (CLT), nail-laminated timber, glulam beams and panels, mass plywood panels, dowel-laminated timber, and laminated veneer lumber; and the opportunities and obstacles for mass timber in global design, manufacturing, and construction.

Check out the mass timber conference and register to join over 1,000 colleagues working towards an innovative and sustainable choice for buildings of the future.

You’ll also find Joshua Miller, Construction Digital Practice Manager at Kelar Pacific, providing 30-minute presentations on design technology for gaining efficiencies throughout the Mass Timber construction process. The following sessions are scheduled during Virtual Exhibit Hall + Networking breaks. Use the links below to add a session to your conference calendar.


Integrated Design – Mass Timber Modeling for Architecture, Fabrication, and Construction

Cloud-based Design Management for Mass Timber

The International Mass Timber Conference is produced by the Forest Business Network and WoodWorkTM (Wood Products Council).

Learn more about Kelar Pacific mass timber design services.