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Upcoming events

    • 14 Oct 2015
    • Online

    You have a Revit model, so now what? This webinar will cover how you can start to use the Building Performance Analysis workflows to analyze your Revit model and make informed design decisions. Learn best practice tips and tricks for getting started with analyzing your building’s performance in Revit.

    Topics to be covered include solar studies, solar analysis, lighting analysis, and energy analysis.

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    • 22 Oct 2015
    • Online

    As a contractor, making the step to deploying Lean for your production planning process is a major undertaking.  And once you have made the transition to leveraging the Last Planner methodology to manage the tasks, commitments and dependencies during your planning meetings, you need an efficient way to capture, manage, visualize and collaborate against the data you collect.  While spreadsheets and sticky notes are the current standard, cloud and mobile technology like BIM 360 Plan reduce the manual data entry process while automatically collecting and articulating productivity reports for process improvement.

    Join us to learn how Autodesk BIM 360 Plan can help you better manage the production planning process by:

    • Exposing critical short-term planning data to the entire project team
    • Adding/updating tasks, dependencies and roadblocks in-real time and sharing with mobile users
    • Reviewing PPC reporting metrics in aggregate to drive change and process improvements on future projects 


    Tom Feliz
    Lean Construction Specialist
    Autodesk, Inc.

    Tom Feliz joined Autodesk in May 2014 as part of an acquisition of a cloud based last planner tool, now named BIM 360 Plan. Throughout his career, Tom has been responsible for driving lean practices and principles into construction projects by leveraging technology. He has also acted as a project coach specializing in process improvement through the integration and application of lean tools and principles on construction projects and teams. He has facilitated multiple collaborative planning groups with designers, consultants, owners, and contractors. He has worked extensively with the trade foreman helping them manage daily production focused efforts to improve schedule, quality, and cost.

    Stephen Poppe
    Project Manager

    Stephen Poppe is a project manager for Whiting-Turner who has been a student of lean principles for the past 7 years and has experience in implementing production management processes on jobs ranging from 20 million to over a billion. Based on the diversity of these projects he has used a number of different methods and software to aid the process and has a unique perspective on the value each can bring. Whiting-Turner started in 1909 is a large top ten domestic General Contractor with 28 regional offices with a history of embracing lean principles both internally and on projects to ensure the delight of our customers.

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    • 22 Oct 2015
    • Online

    Occasionally you may encounter an issue that can only be fixed by doing a complete uninstall/reinstall of all of the Autodesk software on your computer. Learn the steps required to completely remove the Autodesk software so you can start from a clean slate.

    This is a FREE event.

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    • 28 Oct 2015
    • Online

    Are you still using Land Desktop every day or are you working in a previous release of AutoCAD Civil 3D thinking “there is no need to move to the current release?"

    Maybe you are contemplating making the move to AutoCAD Civil 3D? In this webcast series, we will travel through time and show you the ease of bringing that Land Desktop data forward and how to use it once in AutoCAD Civil 3D. 

    We’ll have a conversation about styles - what and how many you actually need to get that company template rolling. We will progress through the releases from 2010 to 2016 and show you all the great reasons to move forward to AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 and not look back.

    What are you waiting for? Discover how you can save time and increase efficiency using the tools and features in the latest AutoCAD Civil 3D release.

    This is a FREE event.

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Past events

08 Oct 2015 Webinar: Build Your AutoCAD IQ - A Few of Our Favorite Things: 30 Productivity Tips and Tricks
08 Oct 2015 Webinar: Troubleshooting Autodesk product installation issues
30 Sep 2015 Webinar: Innovation & Productivity Webcast Series: Fab to Field Synchronization: Increasing efficiency from the shop to the jobsite
29 Sep 2015 Webinar: What's New in BIM for Building Design
24 Sep 2015 Webinar: Hangout: A360 Collaboration for Revit
22 Sep 2015 Webinar: What's New in Steel Detailing and Fabrication
17 Sep 2015 Webinar: Live Webcast: Lighting and Solar Analysis for Revit
17 Sep 2015 Webinar: Making IoT a Reality: Predictive Maintenance with Autodesk and Panoramic Power
10 Sep 2015 Webinar: AutoCAD Beyond The Basics: Attributes! Making The Most Of Your Data
10 Sep 2015 Webinar: Introduction to Desktop Subscription licensing
09 Sep 2015 Webinar: Using single elements to troubleshoot and verify hand calculations with Simulation Mechanical
03 Sep 2015 Webinar: AutoCAD - Welcome to the 3rd Dimension: Messing with Meshes
03 Sep 2015 Webinar: Field Layout Masters: Learn How to Take BIM to the Field with BIM 360 Layout and Leica iCON Robots
27 Aug 2015 Webinar: Keys to a Successful BIM Pilot Series: Get your Office to Adopt and Work with BIM
27 Aug 2015 Webinar: Beyond the AutoCAD Basics: Attributes! Making the Most of Your Data
26 Aug 2015 Webinar: Innovation & Productivity Series: The benefits and rewards of leveraging the project’s coordinated model to drive the layout of hangers and sleeves
25 Aug 2015 Webinar: Reality Capture with Autodesk Recap
20 Aug 2015 Webinar: Back to AutoCAD Basics: Building Blocks
13 Aug 2015 Webinar: Beyond the AutoCAD Basics: The Express Tools Reviewed
30 Jul 2015 Webinar: Back to AutoCAD Basics: Reuse Content wtih Ease
28 Jul 2015 Webinar: Hangout - A360 Collaboration for Revit
16 Jul 2015 Webinar: Getting Started with Building Performance Analysis
15 Jul 2015 Webinar: Winning More Work Without Going Over Budget
09 Jul 2015 Webinar: Integrated Product Development - Technical Demonstrations
01 Jul 2015 Webinar: Getting Started with Building Performance Analysis
01 Jul 2015 Webinar: A360 Collaboration for Revit: Cloud worksharing
25 Jun 2015 Webinar: Let us take you through your BIM Pilot
25 Jun 2015 Webinar: Conquering the chaos: How BIM can help improve project coordination
24 Jun 2015 Webinar: Lessons Learned: Steelway’s Journey to BIM
24 Jun 2015 Webinar: Design Safer Roadways with Autodesk Vehicle Tracking
17 Jun 2015 Webinar: Simplify Design with Infraworks® 360 and Specialized tools for Roads, Bridges and Drainage
10 Jun 2015 Webinar: BIM-Connected Computational Design with Dynamo Studio
01 Jun 2015 Webinar: Think it. Sketch it. Analyze it. FormIt.
28 May 2015 Webinar: Delivering BIM-based Structural Detailing Services
28 May 2015 Webinar: Innovation & Productivity Series: Reduce time spent on construction documentation
21 May 2015 Webinar: Design Continuity; Building Performance Analysis Throughout the Design Process
21 May 2015 Webinar: Benefits of Lean Construction
14 May 2015 Webinar: Beyond the Basics - Intro to 3D Modeling in AutoCAD
06 May 2015 Webinar: AEC Industry - The Next Era of Building Design and Construction
30 Apr 2015 Webinar: Make better building decisions, sooner with energy analysis
29 Apr 2015 Webinar: Join the A360 Collaboration for Revit Hangout
21 Apr 2015 Webinar: A360 Collaboration for Revit: Cloud worksharing
26 Mar 2015 Webinar: Layout your points using Revit MEP or Navisworks and Point Layout
25 Mar 2015 Webinar: A360 Collaboration for Revit: Cloud worksharing
30 Sep 2014 ROI of BIM Workshop
28 Aug 2014 Primavera Contract Management 14, Business Intelligence Publisher Edition Webinar
26 Aug 2014 Autodesk 2015 Upgrade Changes
25 Jul 2014 Greater Value with Autodesk Maintenance Subscription
17 Jul 2014 Discover Autodesk 2015 Building and Construction Solutions
17 Jul 2014 Extend Your Access with Autodesk Infrastructure 2015 Solutions
27 Jun 2014 Best Practices: Civil 3D in a Project Group Environment (Users, CAD Managers & IT professionals)
12 Jun 2014 Greater Value with Autodesk Maintenance Subscription
06 Jun 2014 Survey Automation in Civil 3D (Field to Finish explained)
29 May 2014 Autodesk InfraWorks for Solar Applications
22 May 2014 Greater Value with Autodesk Maintenance Subscription
17 Apr 2014 Extend Your Access with Autodesk Infrastructure solutions
28 Mar 2014 Creating an AutoCAD Civil 3D Template File
26 Mar 2014 Bluebeam Revu 12 is Here
20 Mar 2014 The ROI of BIM: Discover how BIM can help position your business for success
18 Mar 2014 Move Faster with Panzura

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