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  • 23 Jul 2012
  • 8:30 AM
  • 25 Jul 2012
  • 5:00 PM
  • San Diego


This course is designed for an MEP engineering professional who has needs to get up to speed quickly with the BIM solution provided by the Revit family of Products. In this 3 day class we will cover Revit Core Essentials on Day 1, including the setup process for linking consultants backgrounds and generating a layout that is required by the MEP team.

Topics in this class include:

Day 1 – Core and Project Setup

  • Half Day of Revit Core Essentials to familiarize the student with the general application of Revit MEP
  • Creating the template for the Consultant
  • Attaching the Architectural Background
  • Sharing Coordinates through the Acquire Coordinates process
  • Using Copy / Monitor to gain access to the Arch model views and set up Coordination Review alert
  • Creating floor plans for the MEP layout, including view discipline and sub-discipline
  • Set up views for Analysis
Day 2 – Mechanical HVAC / Piping / Plumbing

  • Create Engineering Spaces that automatically pick up Arch Room names and numbers
  • Create Zones from Engineering Spaces
  • Using the built in HVAC cooling load program and exporting to GBXML
  • Look at the Parameters available for use from our Spaces, and how to create custom parameters
  • Place Diffusers, Register, etc.; set CFM per each for individual Engineering Spaces; look at options for all
  • Layout out duct work for each system needed
  • Size the ductwork with automatic and manual methods
  • Look at all duct types – rectangular, round and flat oval
  • Using filters to control the visibility and color of the ductwork.
  • Placing Mechanical equipment and connecting the systems.
  • Tagging and annotation features
  • Piping Layout – all pipe types; creating custom pipe systems
  • Routing of pressure pipe for Domestic systems
  • Routing of gravity pipe for Sanitary systems
  • Using copy/monitor batch method to gain access to Architectural Plumbing Fixtures for use
  • Using filter to control display
  • Customizing Pipe Systems with Properties and Families
Day 3 – Electrical Power / Lighting and Distribution
  • Place Panels and configure them for phase and Voltage
  • Layout lighting plan, including auto wiring and manual wiring
  • Circuit the lighting plan
  • Annotate the lighting plan, including custom tags and Schedules
  • Layout Multi-Branch Circuiting Plan and look at tips and tricks
  • Create Power Plan and apply all of the lessons above
  • Create working schedules to aid us in the design process
  • Conduit Layout
  • Cable Tray Layout
  • Electrical Equipment Layout including Transformers and Switch Boards
  • Connect up low power and high power panels through Transformers and Switch Boards
  • Creating Thematic Plans to aid in Engineering
  • Sheet creation and layout for Construction Documentation
Please call us at 800-578-2457 to register.

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