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Kelar Pacific is an Autodesk software reseller & project management solution provider for AEC



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Trimble Prolog - PM Software

Trimble provides project management (PM) software for optimizing the Plan, Build and Operate phases of real estate, construction, and other physical infrastructure projects and programs. More than 8,500 building owners and operators, construction and engineering firms, and government agencies rely on Meridian technology to improve top-line revenue and reduce capital construction costs.

Project Management

Kelar Pacific offers pm software and scheduling software solutions, support, training, and consulting. Our gauntlet of project management software allows building owners, construction and engineering firms, and government agencies to efficiently manage their entire portfolio of capital projects, programs and facilities.

Prolog Overview

Prolog 2009 150dpi RGB.jpg

The Industry Standard for Successful Construction Project Management Prolog software delivers total project management control for construction projects by automating day-to-day tasks and processes, from project design to close-out. As a complete construction management solution, Prolog enables you to:

  • Manage project collaboration workflow
  • Perform robust construction project management
  • Reduce your project schedule by collaborating more effectively with your project team
  • Manage multiple projects in one database
  • Generate summary reports and queries across all projects
  • Globally view all company projects to find trends and identify problems early
  • Make critical decisions quickly using accurate corporate information
  • Do more with less, and make your existing staff more efficient
  • Standardize your project data and organization's business processes across all projects
  • Audit projects for deficiencies and risk exposure
  • Track key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor all levels of company profitability, efficiency and performance
  • Improve document control by streamlining the review process, tracking revisions and storing master files, including email records in a central project database
  • Increase productivity with efficient data modification tools

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Construction PM Software for the AEC Industry

Prolog solutions can be deployed in a self-hosted or application service provider (ASP) environment. Prolog delivers in-depth construction project management features across projects and programs in the areas of: collaboration, purchasing management, cost control, document management and field administration.

Latest Update: Prolog 9.6 

Prolog Mobile has been updated with a new user interface and new functionality including Checklists and Plan View. With the updated interface, Prolog Mobile has improved navigation, simplified searching and provides one-click synchronization to the Prolog database. Workers in the field can update checklists on Prolog Mobile – using templates or from a PDF.

Prolog Mobile:
  • Improved user interface simplifies searching, filtering and navigation
  • Supports role-based and field-level security as well as User Defined Fields
  • Synchronize Prolog Mobile data back to Prolog with one click
  • Develop templates for checklist items with optional response fields or use pre-existing PDF checklists
  • Create link to another Prolog record (e.g., Issue, RFI, Safety Notice) right from the checklist item
  • Import into Templates from existing Excel checklists
  • Track approvals including signatures
Plan View:
  • Graphical Push-Pins provide visual indicators of Prolog records on a floor plan
  • Easily click and drill down to the item on the floor plan to get more information
  • Location Based Search lets users easily find other project records within the same geographical area

Prolog Converge updates to Dashboards and File Management are designed to provide project teams with improved project visibility and collaboration. Users can now subscribe to files and folders within Prolog File Management and receive email notifications for specific events, such as when a file has been viewed or a folder has been updated. Prolog’s graphical, single page Dashboard highlights key project metrics. Use the Dashboard to identify areas that require attention and then drill down into the details to address it.
Expanded File Management:
  • Users may subscribe to specific files or folders to monitor for specific events, such as when a file is viewed or modified
  • When pre-configured events are triggered, the user receives an email notifying them of the event
  • Each folder/file in Prolog has a unique URL which can be shared with other Prolog users allowing one-click access
  • Unique URLs will be embedded in the notifications providing the recipient with one-click access to the file

Prolog Converge 2009 150dpi.JPG 

Prolog Converge

is a Web-based project management application powered by Prolog, the industry standard for successful construction project delivery. Prolog Converge allows you and your project teams to collaborate more efficiently and gives you the flexibility to choose how you access critical project data. 

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Encompass products are now part of Converge at no additional cost:

Original Encompass Suite of Products

  • enBid → now part of Converge or Core product
  • enDocs → now part of Converge or Core product
  • enForecast → now part of Converge or Core product
  • enMail → now part of Converge or Core product (most functions)
  • enMobile → now Prolog Mobile
  • enRoute  → now part of Converge or Core product

Prolog Manager 2009 150dpi.jpg

Prolog Manager

provides a complete set of project management tools to automate all aspects of the construction project-from design to close out. Prolog has been ranked the market share leader for project management software by the CFMA among general contractors larger than $101 million in revenue (CFMA 2008 technology survey). Prolog delivers in-depth project management tools in the areas of: collaboration, purchasing management, cost control, document management and field administration.

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Prolog Sky

is a service that allows organizations to access Prolog's robust construction project management functionality over the internet. Meet your organization's goals and objectives by choosing from two purchase options. Purchase either Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) where you subscribe access to Prolog or Managed Host where we host your new or existing Prolog software for you. Both options free your organization from costly technology infrastructure and software management expenses.

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 NEW Prolog Mobile

brings you the power of Prolog right where construction actually happens - in the field. Natively built for mobile devices, Prolog Mobile lets you access and capture critical Prolog project information straight from your iPad or Windows Mobile device. Prolog Mobile is a field tool which empowers field staff to leverage the features of Prolog construction project management software without any special integration.

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Crystal Reports XI

for Prolog is an enhanced reporting solution from Meridian Systems that allows construction organizations to get the most out of Prolog reports by leveraging enhanced capabilities of Crystal Reports XI. A world standard in enterprise reporting, new Crystal Reports XI from Business Objects features several new report formatting and design capabilities not previously available as part of Prolog’s Report Manager functionality. While today, Prolog users have access to more than 400 standard reports and broad customization capabilities, Crystal Reports XI for Prolog provides project-driven organizations with even deeper report customization and development requirements only available in Crystal Reports XI.

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