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IT Services

IT Support and Maintenance

Kelar Pacific sells, supports and maintains the latest computer hardware and software applications. We will custom design, acclimatize and manage an IT solution to fit your needs, while you concentrate on your core business. Enhance your productivity and optimize communications at your company with the latest server management technology from Kelar Pacific.

New! Office 365 Migration

Many customers are finding Outlook 365 Exchange Online a more cost effective alternative to the traditional On-Premises Exchange server set up. The licensing is more flexible for addressing changes in the users count, and because a local Exchange server is no longer necessary with Office 365 Exchange Online, you have the added advantage of repurposing the server hardware and software for other projects. Kelar Pacific can help assess the benefits and migrate your existing profiles to Outlook 365, or the complete Office 365 Online suite, at an affordable rate.

The key advantages for migrating to Office 365 Exchange Online, from Exchange include:

  • Reduce TCO of maintaining On-Premises Exchange server –
    • Eliminate the subscription cost for Exchange server Antivirus and Antispam software. 
    • Eliminate the cost of the Exchange server software and hardware maintenance and upgrades, security updates and patching.
    • Reduce the cost and requirements for backup and speed up the overall disaster recovery time.
  • Repurpose the Windows Server license use by Exchange server.
  • Reclaim the hard disk space used by Exchange server information store.
  • Cost of the migration to Office 365 Exchange can be reduced by use of 3rd party migration solutions.

Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation 

Kelar Pacific can assist you with the design, configuration and implementation of your network infrastructure. From LANs, WANs, and VPNs, leverage our skills and experience to increase the efficiency and productivity of your business.


Virtual infrastructure simplifies IT so companies leverage their storage, network, and computing resources to control costs and respond faster. Partnered with the leaders in virtualization technology such as VMWare, Citrix and Microsoft, Kelar Pacific is bringing virtual infrastructure, to businesses of all sizes in all markets.

WAN Optimization

WAN optimization technology enables to achieve the user experience (application response time and data transfer time) as close as possible to what users would experience accessing the same resources over a local area network.  This technology can also substantially reduce the cost of infrastructure at remote locations through centralizing applications, server, backup, and storage resources in the data center. WAN optimization techniques can be employed over varied types of access technology to give optimal performance of networks, bandwidth scalability and other network-boosting features.This fast growing technology sector is quickly becoming a fundamental component and a requirement for the successful delivery of centralized services.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery infrastructure is no longer limited to tape drives, tape autoloaders, and/or tape libraries. Kelar Pacific offers the eVault Online Backup Solution for a scalable and reliable tool to protect your critical business data. This service enables users to securely backup data to multiple offsite locations (with option for local storage), allowing peace of mind and fast recovery in the unfortunate event of data loss. As the IT world moves rapidly towards cloud computing, online backup is the logical step in the evolution of data protection and disaster recovery. For more information visit

Internet Connectivity Solutions

Our engineers will work with Internet Service Providers to find a cost effective Internet connectivity solution that meets your needs. We will also install and configure the customer premise equipment needed such as the router, firewall, and wireless access point and ensure that you have a secure connection to the Internet.

Desktop Support

Our engineers are trained to work on many different platforms. We will handle your workstation installs, software updates, and application support.

Network Security

We are security experts. With our experience installing, configuring, and managing Firewalls, VPNs, Anti-virus, and Intrusion Detection Systems, we can secure your business network.


We provide innovative installation system upgrades and project management, necessary training, and planned maintenance that will keep your business systems operating at their peak performance.

On-site Services

We offer a comprehensive spectrum of support services at your business location. By working at your facility, we can better understand your unique needs and the service requirements of your company. Regularly scheduled maintenance visits will keep systems running efficiently.


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