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Government Buildings

Kelar Pacific, LLC and its partners provides 3D digital design and analysis tools to more efficiently build and renovate government buildings that meet sustainability and accountability requirements.


Building information modeling (BIM) makes sustainable building renovations easier, more efficient, and less costly. Autodesk BIM solutions enable designers to quickly evaluate design alternatives, better predict energy consumption and environmental impact, and make greener design and management decisions.


Increase productivity and collaborate more effectively. Autodesk tools facilitate the creation of consistent, coordinated 3D digital design data that can be shared across design and construction teams. With this model, government agencies can improve communication and reduce errors and project change orders, saving time and budget resources.


Prepare for energy reporting requirements such as LEED certification mandates. Autodesk provides 3D digital design tools that help produce accurate, highly coordinated documentation to instill confidence in public building owners.

Utilities & Public Works

Autodesk provides extensive 3D design solutions for utilities and public works, helping to increase efficiency and improve data accuracy across the workflow, so better decisions can be made faster. Consolidating and sharing accurate model-based design and maintenance information is made easier so that you can keep data flowing.


Autodesk infrastructure modeling software solutions help utilities ease data sharing, improve accuracy, and reduce the errors and omissions that can dramatically impact project completion.


Highly coordinated, consistent information helps utility professionals to provide stakeholders with full visibility for more effective network management and meet quality-of-service and regulatory reporting requirements.


Model-based design technology helps water utility professionals analyze and optimize designs in order to make sustainable decisions regarding water use, raw materials, and natural resources. Operations and maintenance can use the same data to repair network issues quickly, optimize distribution, and conserve resources responsibly.

How to Buy

Kelar Pacific offers special purchase programs for federal, state, and local governments.

For your procurement needs, contact Kelar Pacific:

Call for a software quote: 1.800.578.2457

Kelar Pacific can provide maintenance support, implementation services, and training. Kelar Pacific provides the highest level of service. 

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