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Kelar Pacific's Approach

Kelar Pacific has been providing implementation services for many years to various companies in the AEC industry. Through an in-depth process, we will provide a tailored implementation roadmap of your Autodesk and Meridian Systems software. Kelar Pacific's Autodesk & Meridian Certified Implementation Experts will provide your company with a detailed plan that covers the Assessment, Planning, Solving and Confirmation phases of your implementation. Our proven process includes training, mentoring and support services that will allow your team to be productive quickly.

Mentoring Services

Mentoring for Autodesk products is a unique training and solution package that can only be provided by professional instructors that have extremely in-depth product experience and applicable industry applications. Our mentors can be at your office for a few hours a day, week or month to keep you moving on applying what you learned in training. We provide top quality mentors that hold certifications as Level 5 Autodesk Application Specialists or hands-on real world project based experience.

Let us come out to your office and provide you with that extra level of education that can only be attained through mentoring that is just in time.

CAD Management – Allowing your users to focus more time on Design and Quality

Kelar Pacific is now offering a CAD Management class to better serve your production needs. We will train users on how to properly organize their folder structure, create a CAD standard, hold CAD meetings, setup a detail and block library, centralize various items, control and maintain procedures and protocols, provide an intro to Lisp programming, etc… All of which are designed to educate your users further and allow them to provide a more efficient office.

Scheduling Services, Training And Consulting

Kelar Pacific specializes in offering our clients Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling for small to large projects. Kelar Pacific consultants have years in the field & project control experience in consulting & training in the areas of developing, analyzing, updating, monitoring project schedules and reporting requirements. Kelar Pacific customizes & tailors our CPM scheduling services to fit our clients' specific needs.

Kelar Pacific can assist in the early stages of project planning, create the initial baseline schedule, use accounting/estimating resources & budgets and cost load the schedule. Kelar consultants will go on-site and meet with clients to review, update progress, analyze and identify project delays.

Other services Kelar provides includes claim review, preparation and forensic review of schedules for dispute resolution for legal evidence.

Kelar Pacific is now offering CAD Management services to better serve your production needs.  We can evaluate your current CAD system and offer advice that can increase efficiency and provide a more consistent output.  We can also work with your team to develop company CAD standards that are tailored around your needs.  If you so desire, we can even train one or more of your employees to maintain and support the CAD standards.  We can also develop custom programs and menu’s that can provide easier ways to insert custom content.  All of these services offered are designed to make your company a more efficient and more organized cohesive unit.

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