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BIM Support & Services

Kelar Pacific has a dedicated staff of Architects, Engineers and Construction professionals to help in your transition to BIM. Read up on our VDC Services.

BIM Support

Transfer your projects to BIM with the help of Kelar Pacific's dedicated and professional staff. Our BIM services division can take your 2D drawings, convert them to a 3D model, incorporate the dimension of time (4D), estimate material quantities, run sustainability analysis, and detect clashes/conflicts to help you utilize the power behind an intelligent building model, while maintaining your current projects’ deadlines.

This solution package starts with a documented plan that will help roadmap your implementation of BIM and your related software solutions. Add content and template creation, onsite mentoring and premium technical support and this package covers a complete solution to a successful startup for your first or next BIM project. 



About BIM

2D Drawings to 3D Parametric BIM:  2D plans/specs to 3D Building Information Model

  • Bidirectional Associatively: A change anywhere is a change everywhere. In Revit software, all model information is stored in one place. As a result, any information that gets changed is effectively changed throughout the model.
  • Parametric Components: Parametric Components, also known as families, are the basis for all building components designed in Revit. They offer an open, graphical system for design thinking and form making as well as an opportunity to express design intent at increasingly detailed levels.

Design Analysis: Reduce conflicts and increase performance.

  • Anticipate Problems: Collision, Clash, Interference, and Conflict Detection: Interference and Collision Detection enables clash tests against all of a building’s components to find and resolve conflicts before they become a reality. Run clash test reports, including comments and screenshots, and track the status of clashes as they are found and resolved across extended project teams. 
  • The Elements: The building industry is well aware that existing environmental elements are not always accounted for in a traditional set of plans. Let us show you how our software can analyze how the effects of wind, water, gravity, light and other surroundings will affect a buildings performance before it is built.  
  • Sustainability: Carbon Neutrality is a reality. Our analysis tools provide immediate whole building energy and carbon analysis on any building design scheme.
  • Systems Analysis: Analyze and test a building’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to insure they are properly configured.

Design Visualization and Review: See, share and revise your project before it is real.

  • Visualization: Capture design ideas in a photorealistic state or navigate through a 3D model to ‘see’ a building before it is built. Let our BIM division help you create high quality renderings or actual walk through videos for your next design presentation. Use smooth, real-time navigation with a range of tools including: Walk, Look Around, Zoom, Zoom Box, Pan, Orbit, Examine, Fly, and Turntable to deliver real time animation. BIM helps teams ‘see’ buildings before they ever break ground.
  • Review: Besides the highest quality rendering or video outputs that show design, materials, lights, backgrounds, and rendering styles, BIM functionality does more than just make your project look pretty. We have helped industry leading professionals improve communications and collaborate across extended project teams with our array of visualization and review tools.  Whether in a board room or a Jobsite trailer, our software allows you to insert notes/comments, redline and run reports to share with consultants or contractors. Get your team in one room, with one BIM model, and coordinate like never before.

Schedule in 4D

Schedules are just another view of the Building Information Model. A change to a schedule view is automatically reflected in every other view and vice versa. Use 4D (time) simulation to link model geometry to times and dates for playback of construction or demolition sequences to verify building or demolition viability. Functionality includes associative split-schedule sections and selectable design elements via schedule views, formulas, and filtering. Schedule Linking enables the import of times, dates, and other task data from outside project management software, as well. 

Estimating in 5D

Moving forward with the 3D model, the Estimator can pull quantities from the model, build detailed cost estimates and provide trade verifications from fabrication models (structural steel, rebar, M/P & electrical). The BIM model can also run what-if scenarios and produce stunning visualizations including 3-D print models. 

(QTO) Quantity Take-off in 5D

Calculate detailed material quantities with the automated reporting features in an intelligent BIM model. Appropriate for sustainable design and checking material quantities in cost estimates, Material Takeoff simplifies the tracking of material quantities. In addition, Revit’s parametric change engine helps ensure that your material takeoffs are always accurate.

Facility Management Applications in 6D

BIM is a complete lifecycle application including Facility Management (FM). Each asset within the building has a lifespan which has intelligent, and trackable, information in the BIM file. In the event of replacement, it is easy to identify the parts and update the BIM file.

Spec Writing

e-SPECS for Revit extends the Autodesk Revit-based products document coordination and quality solutions to the construction specifications. Integrate your design firm preferences to automate the process of creating your construction specs and access those specs directly within Revit based applications.

Other Services

BIM Health Check

The BIM Health is a post implementation assessment aimed at checking how efficiently you are using BIM software. Our team will interview staff and analyze project files, then provide a detailed report identifying weaknesses and recommendations for improvement.

Consulting Services

Mentoring for Autodesk products is a unique training and solution package that can only be provided by professional instructors that have extremely in-depth product experience and applicable industry expertise 

Project Management

Our solutions allow building owners, construction and engineering firms, as well as government agencies to efficiently manage capital project budgets, construction costs, project schedules and claim services. Kelar Pacific provides expertise to manage projects or augment and key support staff.  

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