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Architecture Solutions

From tried and true Autodesk AutoCAD to Autodesk Revit Architecture, Kelar Pacific solutions can help you increase productivity, improve coordination and collaboration, and manage complex designs.

Every day, millions of building design professionals use Autodesk architectural software products, services, and solutions.

At Kelar Pacific, we provide the tools and technology you need to bring design ideas to life. From industry-leading design and drafting software to the Revit platform for building information modeling (BIM), Autodesk provides a robust set of architecture software solutions that help you improve productivity, deliver innovative design ideas, and manage change throughout the project lifecycle.


Drafting & Modeling

Protect your investments in software, training, and design data and get the competitive advantage of BIM. In addition to the best Autodesk software, we provide hardware, integration training, support, subscriptions and consulting services.

AutoCAD® Architecture

Revit® Architecture

Design Visualization
Autodesk design visualization solutions provide advanced 3D modeling, lighting, rendering, and animation toolsets to handle the most challenging architectural, product, scientific, medical, or industrial projects. Turn design data into beautiful imagery and bring your presentations to life. Experience industry-leading connectivity and interoperability with Autodesk 3ds Max® Design software and the industry-leading AutoCAD and Revit families of products.

Autodesk® 3ds Max Design

Autodesk Showcase

Sustainable Design
Every day, Autodesk is helping forge a balance between ecological conservation and economic growth, encouraging full acknowledgment of the Earth’s finite resources while meeting the needs of those the building project serves.

  Autodesk® Ecotect Analysis

Autodesk® Green Building


Delivered on demand, Autodesk Collaborative Project Management (CPM) Solutions centralize management of all design information and streamline communication between architects, their clients, consultants, and contractors.

  Autodesk® Buzzsaw

Autodesk® Navisworks Manage

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